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 Soil moisture sensor/ transducer

Soil moisture sensor
Soil moisture sensor Also known as soil moisture sensor, soil moisture sensor, soil moisture sensor. It is mainly used to measure the volumetric moisture content of soil and do soil moisture monitoring and agricultural irrigation and forestry protection.
Features and features
1, the volume of this sensor is meticulous planning, easy to carry, device, operation and maintenance simple.
2. Reasonable structural planning and stainless steel probes ensure longevity.
3. The outer part is encapsulated with epoxy resin and has good sealing property. It can be directly buried in the soil and is not corroded.
4. The effect of soil quality is small and the area of ​​use is extensive.
5, high precision measurement, reliable function, to ensure normal operation.
6, fast response, high data transmission efficiency.
Scope of application
It is widely used in fields such as water-saving agricultural irrigation, greenhouses, flowers and vegetables, grass pastures, soil rapid testing, plant cultivation, and scientific experiments.
Function introduction: 1. The sensor is suitable for the soil moisture detection 2. The comparator selects the LM393 chip, the work function is stable 3. The operating voltage is 3.3V-5V 4. The blue potentiometer in the module is the threshold conditioning used for the soil moisture, Clockwise conditioning, the greater the humidity control, the smaller the counterclockwise;
5. Digital output D0 can be directly connected with the microcontroller, through the microcontroller to detect high and low, thus detecting soil moisture; 6. Small board analog output AO can be connected to the AD module, after AD conversion, can obtain more soil moisture Accurate value; Field of use: Ability to actively
Garden, garden sprinkler, household flower pot soil moisture control, use of electronic competitions, electronic building blocks, planning, etc.

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