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high pressure transmitter sensor

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 air micro pressure sensor

The barometric pressure sensor is an instrument for measuring the absolute pressure of a gas. It is mainly used for physical experiments related to gas pressure, such as gas law, etc. It can also measure dry, non-corrosive gas pressure in biological and chemical experiments.
The main sensing element of the air compressor's air pressure sensor is a pressure sensitive membrane and a thimble opening control. In the circuit it is connected to a flexible resistor. When the pressure of the measured gas decreases or rises, the deformation of the film drives the ejector pin, and the resistance of the resistor will change. The resistance of the resistor changes. A signal voltage of 0-5V is obtained from the sensor element and is accepted by the data collector after A/D conversion, and then the data collector transmits the result to the computer in an appropriate form.
Pressure Sensor DATA-52 Series
Pressure Sensor DATA-52 Series
The main component of many air pressure sensors is a variable-capacity silicon capsule. When the external pressure of the varactor silicon film box changes, the ejector moves, and the single crystal silicon film box undergoes elastic deformation, thereby causing the change of the capacitance of the parallel film capacitor of the silicon film box to control the air pressure sensor.
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