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mini pressure sensor price

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 micro pressure sensor price

Micro-differential pressure transmitters are used to measure the level and density of liquids, gases or vapors. The basic principle of the intelligent micro differential pressure transmitter is that when a space is divided into two chambers with a sensitive element (multi-purpose membrane box), and the pressure is introduced into the two chambers respectively, the sensor generates a displacement under the combined effect of the two pressures. (or the trend of displacement), this displacement is proportional to the pressure difference between the two chambers (differential pressure), and this displacement is converted into a standard signal output that can reflect the magnitude of the differential pressure.
Differential pressure transmitter in the differential pressure pressure transmitter, he has a novel design principles, easy installation and use, security and explosion-proof characteristics. The product has high precision, small size, light weight, easy adjustment, long-term stability, strong one-way overload protection, and is suitable for use in bad places.
Differential Pressure Transmitter Features
# Substitute imported micro differential pressure transmitter
# Measurement medium: gas steam liquid
# Output current resolution up to 3uA
# Range can be migrated Wide range ratio 100:1
# Contains hardware electronics and diagnostic information
#Compatible with a variety of fieldbus standards 4-20mA/HART PROFIBUS-PA
# Zero stabilization technology Temperature compensation technology
#Transmitter function can be configured:
# Linear Square Root Free Programming
#Enhanced lightning protection technology ensures safe operation of pressure transmitters
# unique anti-radio frequency interference technology electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in line with IEC61000-4

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