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pressure sensor range

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hydraulic pressure transducer

The hydraulic sensor is manufactured by encapsulating an isolated silicon piezoresistive pressure sensitive element in a stainless steel housing. It can convert the sensed liquid or gas pressure into a standard electrical signal for external output. Hydraulic sensors are widely used in on-site measurement and control of supply/drainage, thermal power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industrial processes.
Feature editing
Standard thread pressure measurement method.
All stainless steel structure, protection class IP68.
Measurement accuracy up to 0.1.
RS485, 4 ~ 20mA output optional.
Polyurethane professional cable, high temperature, corrosion resistance.
Performance index editing
Measuring medium: liquid or gas (no corrosion on stainless steel housing)
Range: 0-10MPa
Accuracy class: 0.1% FS, 0.5% FS (optional)
Stability performance: ±0.05% FS/year; ±0.1% FS/year
Output signal: RS485, 4~20mA (optional)
Overload capacity: 150% FS
Zero temperature coefficient: ±0.01%FS/°C
Full-scale temperature coefficient: ±0.02% FS/°C
Protection level: IP68
Ambient temperature: -10°C¡«80°C
Storage temperature: -40°C¡«85°C
Power supply: 9V ~ 36V DC;
Structural material: Housing: Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Sealing ring: fluorine rubber
Diaphragm: Stainless Steel 316L
Cable: φ7.2mm polyurethane special cable
Hydraulic sensor electrical connection diagram
Hydraulic sensor electrical connection diagram

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