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2088 Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter

2088 Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter

2088Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter

Description 2088 Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter

2088 pressure transmitter is made with oil-filled isolation membrane-specific integrated pressure sensors and instrumentation amplifier circuit, it has a high accuracy, good stability, long life, high reliability, easy installation features. Applicable to various liquid, gas pressure measurement.

Detailed Images 2088 Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter

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Specification 2088 Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter

Output Analog Two-wire 4~20mADC
Digital quantity Two-wire 4~20mADC and overlay digital signal in line with the HART protocol
Power supply 24V DC, 12~36V DC, 18.5~220V DC, AC 50HZ, 45V
Load limit Loop Rmax maximum load resistance depends on the power supply voltage. HART communication require the load resistance no less than 250Ω, and no more than 600Ω
Communication distance The maximum communication distance is 1.5Km, Multistation communication can take up max15 units smart pressure transmitter
Output display Four digital display, five LCD display, pointer type
Explosion-proof form Basic type:ExiaII CT5; Explosion-proof type
Zero shift range Zero point can be arbitrary positive transfer and negative transfer, but the upper and lower limit of measurement range and pressure range should not be set exceeded
Temperature Range Environmental temperature: -40~85  (-20~70 when select LCD indicator)
Medium temperature -40~104
Static and Unidirectional pressure range 3.45Kpa(absolute pressure)  31.2MPa(gauge pressure)
Relative humidity 5~98%RH
Start time Start in 5 second
Capacity changes less than 0.16cm3
Damping adjustment 0.20~25
Fault alarm If there is a breakdown of sensor or circuit, automatic diagnosis function will automatically output 3.9 or 21.0 mA
Configuration protection In order to avoid the transmitter is randomly change the configuration data, can lock the stored data by software or protection switch
Reference conditions Zero as the lower limit and no migration, the temperature is 25 , the atmospheric pressure, 24 VDC power supply, silicone oil, isolation diaphragm 316 stainless steel, data setting range is the same as the upper and lower limit range
Note the instructions include linear precision, the influence of hysteresis and repeatability
Accuracy ±0.1%(The error is less than 0.1% of full scale)
Stability ±0.1% URL/year
Temperature effect ±0.05% (URL + 0.05% range) / 20
Static Pressure effects Zero Error: the URL / 0.1 to 6.9 MPa
Vibration impact Can stand a vibration of 200Hz frequency in any axia, cause a error is ±0.05%URL
Power supply The adjustable range is less than 0.005% / V
Load impact No load effect
Installation position effect About 250Pa zero migration, can be eliminate by calibration, no scale effect
Radio frequency interference in the 30-1000 MHZ frequency and maximum field strength under the condition of 10 v/m, caused by drift is ±0.1% of adjustable range
Isolation diaphragm 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy, Monel or tantalum
Vent and drain valve 316 stainless steel, hartz alloy, monel or tantalum
Flange and transition joints Cadmium plating, carbon steel galvanized steel, 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy alloy
"O" Ring Fluorine rubber
Filled liquid silicone oil
Screw bolt galvanized carbon steel
Electrical shell low copper aluminum alloy
"O" Ring Nitrile butadiene rubber
Coating polyester epoxy resin
Flange pressure 1/4 - 18 NPT thread
Transition joint lead pressure 1/2-14 NPT thread
Conduit connections M20X1.5, 1/2-14, NPT thread
Weight 2 kg (not including optional)

Features 2088 Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter

Wide range, cast aluminium & explosion-proof housing,
various pressure port
Various output signal, scene adjustable
Multiple protect, strong anti-interference capability.
Marking: ExiaIICT6.


Compatible with 316LSS,noncorrosive gases & liquids.   
Special use in harsh environment conditions. 

Selection Guide 2088 Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter

Model   2088


Pressure Range


(0-X)KPa or MPa:  -0.1. . .0~0.01...100MPa



Pressure type



G   Gauge  (-0.1…0 ~ 0.01…100MPa)

D   Differential  (0 ~ 10KPa…2MPa)     

A   Absolute   (-0.1…0 ~ 0.01…100MPa)




Output signal




E  4-20mA             F  0-5Vdc          J  1-5Vdc   




K  0-10Vdc             V  1-10Vdc





Power Supply





A1   10~36VDC






Electrical Interface






B1  2088 industry  housing     






B2  2088 housing with LED






B3  others







Pressure Interface







C1  1/2NPTM           C2  1/4NPTM







C3  M20x1.5M         C4  G1/2M







C5  G1/4M               Cx  other customized

Dimensions 2088 Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter




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Company Information 

Shelok considers itself not only a manufacture but more  conprehensively a provider of industry specific customer-oriented solutions.Our profound understanding of product application and strong technical backgrounds ensure you the best product solution and achieve a greater success.


Xi'an Shelok Instrument Technology co.,ltd is a professional R&D center and manufacture of measuring instruments.And here's a variety of products for you choice: pressure transmitters,temperature transmitters,flow transmitters,weighing instruments and so on.Our products have been made by advanced technology, with high quality, fast delivery period, which have attracted so many domestic and foreign customers.



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