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china low cost smart differential pressure transmitter

china low cost smart differential pressure transmitter

 OEM differential pressure sensor ,digital differential pressure gauge sensor measures the difference between the two ends of the transmitter, output standard signal (eg 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 5V). Different with the general ones,the differential pressure transmitter has two pressure ports, which are the positive and negative terminal end. Under normal circumstances, the pressure of the positive side of the differential pressure transmitter should be greater than the negative side , then it works. The differential pressure transmitter is used to prevent the medium in pipeline directly into the transmitter.It is used to measure liquid, gas, or steam level, flow and pressures.



Features of chinalow cost smart differential pressure transmitter:


Compatible with 316LSS,noncorrosive gases & liquids
Petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, electric power, hydrology etc.

Measure Range 0-0.1bar...3.5bar Accuracy 0.1%FS(range>1bar),0.25%FS(standard), 0.5%FS
Output 4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V,0.5~4.5V Power supply 12-36VDC
Overload pressure 200%FS(Positive pressure side)
100%FS(Negative pressure side)
Long stability ≤±0.2%FS/Year
Ambient humidity ≤85%RH Housing material Stainless steel structure
System pressure  1000% FS Temp.compensation Range 0-+70/

 The gas, liquid without corrosion on stainless steel liquid

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