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Absolute pressure transmitter

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 oem Absolute pressure transmitter

How Absolute Pressure Transmitter Works The absolute pressure transmitter works in exactly the same way as the pressure and differential pressure transmitter. The difference between them is that the differential pressure transmitter applies two pressures simultaneously to one detection element (diaphragm), measuring the difference between the two pressures; the pressure transmitter is the differential pressure transmitter The two measured pressure must be atmospheric pressure, ie the difference between the atmospheric pressure and the measured pressure is measured; the absolute pressure transmitter is the vacuum of the two measured pressures of the differential pressure transmitter, ie, the vacuum is measured. The difference between the pressure and the measured pressure; Absolute pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter are almost identical in structure, the difference is: in the position where the transmitter is canceled, which is equivalent to the negative pressure chamber of the differential pressure transmitter, the pressure changes. The sender has a small hole a few millimeters in diameter and the absolute pressure transmitter does not have this hole (plugged). What is the difference between a capacitive diaphragm absolute pressure transmitter and an absolute pressure transmitter? Absolute pressure transmitters can be classified according to the different types of pressure sensing elements: bellows, diaphragms, spring tubes, bellows, etc. Force-electricity conversion principle is divided into: capacitance, silicon diffusion, piezoelectric, string oscillation, magnetic induction, laser ranging and other forms; In order to explain the working principle or technical characteristics of the transmitter can be categorized elements in front of the name, Like "man" in front of a "male", then add a "small", become a "little man" Absolute pressure transmitter can measure the degree of vacuum it? Measuring point is about 50Pa absolute pressure. 50pa belongs to medium vacuum (1333~0.133)pa in the vacuum level, which is the zero reference point for vacuum,

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