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Vacuum pressure sensor

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 Vacuum pressure sensor application

Most electronic pressure sensors measure pressure according to the deformation of the diaphragm. One side of the diaphragm is in contact with the measured pressure, and if the other side is in contact with the ambient pressure, the amount of deformation is reduced by the ambient pressure. This means that the measured pressure result is actually the pressure difference between the measured pressure and the atmospheric pressure.
    When using an absolute pressure sensor, the side of the sensor that is not in contact with the pressure medium is exposed in an absolutely sealed vacuum chamber. The deformation of the diaphragm is not affected by atmospheric pressure because it uses a sealed vacuum as a reference and zero point.
    Absolute pressure sensors are typically used in monitoring applications that require high performance industrial vacuum pumps. Industrial packaging machinery, for example, is used for vacuum packaging of medical products in a clean environment to ensure that medical products are hygienic and sterile when delivered to the hospital.
    In the food industry, vacuum packaging uses the highest degree of vacuum to prevent oxygen from degrading perishable foods, thereby greatly extending the flavor and shelf life of the product. Traditional pressure gauges and sensors are affected by the atmosphere and cannot monitor high vacuum.
    Absolute pressure sensors are also commonly used in scientific laboratories, universities, military and aerospace industries. Changsha Titanium Electronics provides high-precision absolute pressure sensor transmitters that can be used in laboratories,

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