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Absolute pressure sensor

Pressure is one of the main parameters in industrial production. In order to ensure the normal operation of production, it is necessary to monitor and control the pressure. The following are the common terms used when selecting an absolute pressure sensor:

Normal pressure

The pressure indicated by the atmospheric pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure, and the pressure less than the atmospheric pressure is called the negative pressure.

Positive pressure

To confirm the vacuum is the pressure indicated by the specification.

Relative pressure

The amount of stress to compare the target (normative pressure).

Atmospheric pressure

Refers to atmospheric pressure. Normal atmospheric pressure (1atm) corresponds to the pressure of a 760mm mercury column.


Refers to sub-atmospheric pressure conditions. 1 Torr = 1/760 atmosphere (atm).

Check pressure scale

Refers to the absolute pressure sensor's adaptive pressure scale.

Acceptable pressure

When recovered to check pressure, its function does not reduce the acceptable pressure.

Round trip accuracy

When the pressure is added or reduced at a constant temperature (23° C.), the pressure change value of the operating point obtained by outputting the rotational pressure value is removed at the full scale value of the inspection pressure.


At a certain temperature (23°C), when zero pressure and additional pressure are applied, the value obtained by deviating from the value of the output current rating (4 mA, 20 mA) is removed with the full scale value. The unit is indicated by %FS.


The analog output changes linearly to the inspection pressure, but it is an error compared to the ambition line. The percentage to the full scale value indicates that the value of this error is linear.

Hysteresis (linear)

Use zero voltage and extra voltage to draw an aspiration line between the output current (or voltage) values, find the difference between the current (or voltage) value and the aspiration current (or voltage) value as an error, and then find the pressure rise and decrease The value of the error. The hysteresis value is the value obtained by removing the maximum value of the above-mentioned difference positive value with a full-scale current (or voltage) value. The unit is indicated by %FS.


The value obtained by subtracting the difference between the pressure at the output ON point and the pressure at the OFF point using the full scale value of the pressure is both a hysteresis.

Non-corrosive gas

Refers to substances contained in the air (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) and inert gases (argon, helium, etc.).

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