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3051 pressure transmitter

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  oem smart pressure transmitter


The smart pressure transmitter is a meter that accepts pressure variables and converts the pressure changes to a standard output signal after sensing conversion. The output signal of the transmitter is transmitted to the central control room for pressure indication, recording or control.

       The SC3051 Smart Pressure Transmitter or Smart Pressure Transmitter is used to measure the liquid level, density, and pressure of liquids, gases, or steam, and then converts it into a 4-20 mA DC signal output. The 3051 intelligent pressure transmitter can communicate with the HART Communicator and set and monitor it. The intelligent LCD head adopts smart keys to modify the range, display unit, temperature, etc. The pressure transmitter has high over-voltage strength and good stability. The input range is 0¡«0.25KPa, 0¡«10KPa, 0¡«40KPa.
Smart pressure transmitter technical parameters
l, turndown ratio: 100:1
2, high precision: 0.075%
3, smart: HART field bus protocol
4, low temperature drift: digital temperature sensor automatic compensation
5, Specifications: -100pa~51Mpa
6, corrosion resistance: to provide 316L, Hastelloy, etc.
7, good pressure resistance: conventional 14Mpa high static pressure 32Mpa
8, explosion-proof: intrinsically safe type (ia II CT6)
                    Flameproof type (d II BT6)
Smart pressure transmitter (high-precision capacitive type), the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment for the production of a new type of 3051 intelligent pressure transmitter, (gauge) measurement of the minimum pressure of 0.6KPa. (Migrated to a negative pressure transmitter), the key raw materials, components and parts are all imported. The entire machine has been strictly assembled and tested. The product features advanced design principles, complete specifications, and easy installation and use.
         Because the appearance of the smart pressure transmitter completely integrates the structural advantages of the two most popular and widely used transmitters (Rosemount 3051 smart pressure transmitter and Yokogawa EJA), allowing users There is a refreshing feeling, and at the same time with the traditional 1151, CECC and other products can be directly replaced in the installation, there is a strong commonality and replacement capabilities, so the 3051 pressure transmitter is a replacement and updated products of some old products. In order to adapt to the continuous improvement and development of the domestic automation level, this series of 3051 intelligent pressure transmitters in addition to the small and exquisite design, at the same time the introduction of intelligent functions with HART fieldbus protocol.
3051 smart pressure transmitter performance
1) It uses a wide range of measured media and can measure oil, water, and paste compatible with 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel, and has a certain degree of corrosion resistance.
2) High accuracy, high stability, selection of imported original sensors, good linearity, high temperature stability.
3) small size, light weight, installation, debugging, easy to use
4) Stainless steel fully enclosed housing, waterproof.
5) The pressure sensor directly senses the measured liquid level pressure and is not affected by the bubbling and deposition of the medium.
6) Optimum overall performance of ±0.15% in the industrial sector for optimal loop performance
7) Five-year stability of ±0.15%, which can greatly reduce the cost of checksum maintenance.
8) Faster dynamic response reduces process variability
9) Introduce technology to achieve a comprehensive measurement plan
10) Local/external: Zero/range adjustable

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