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Gas pressure transmitter

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 Gas pressure sensor

The gas pressure sensor is mainly used for measuring the absolute pressure of the gas conversion device, can be used for pressure measurement in terms of blood pressure, wind pressure, pipeline gas and so on. Its performance is stable and reliable. It is mainly applicable to physical experiments related to gas pressure, such as gas law, etc. It can also measure dry, non-corrosive gas pressure in biological and chemical experiments.
Gas Pressure Sensor Characteristics Edit
1) Process connection part: It can be extended to flange connection, quick interface connection, capillary connection, etc. 2) Electrical connection part: Secondary display instrument, waterproof seal connection, etc. 3) Medium temperature characteristics: -20 ~85°C, -20¡«150°C, -20¡«200°C, -20¡«300°C 4) Output signal characteristics: 0¡«20ma, 1¡«5vdc, 0¡«2vdc, voltage ratio output, rs485 digital signal
Gas pressure sensor parameter editing
Range: 0 to 1 to 150 (mpa) Overall accuracy: 0.2%fs, 0.5%fs, 1.0%fs Output signal: 4 to 20ma (two-wire system), 0 to 5v, 1 to 5v, 0 to 10v (three-wire system) Supply voltage: 24dcv(9¡«36dcv) Medium temperature: -20¡«85¡«150°C Ambient temperature: Normal temperature (-20¡«85°C) Load resistance: Current output type: Max 800Ω; Voltage output type: More than 50kΩ Insulation resistance: Larger than 2000mΩ (100vdc seal class: ip65 long-term stability performance: 0.1%fs/year vibration effect: Within the mechanical vibration frequency 20hz¡«1000hz, the output change is less than 0.1%fs Electrical interface (signal interface): four-core shielded cable, four-core aviation connection Plug-in, tight nut mechanical connection (threaded interface): 1/2-20unf, m14×1.5, m20×1.5, m22×1.5, etc.
Application of gas pressure sensor
Applied to hydraulic and pneumatic control systems; petrochemical, environmental protection, air compression; power station operation inspection, locomotive braking system; thermal power unit; light industry, mechanical metallurgy; building automation, constant pressure water supply system; other automation and detection systems; industrial processes Detection and control; laboratory pressure calibration.

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