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high hygiene requirements

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 different types of pressure sensors

Differential Pressure Transmitters for Level, Density of Liquids, Gases, and Steam
And pressure, and then convert it into a 4-20mA DC current signal output. The JT-3051DP can also communicate with each other via the BRAIN Communicator or the CENTUM CS/μXL or HART 275 Communicator, through which settings and monitoring can be performed.
High precision
Range, zero external continuous adjustable
Good stability
Up to 500% positive migration and up to 600% negative migration
Two-wire system
Adjustable damping, over pressure resistance
Solid sensor design
No mechanical moving parts, less maintenance
Light weight (2.4kg)
All series of unified structure, strong interchangeability
Miniaturization (166mm total height)
Optional diaphragm material for contact with media
Unilateral overpressure
Low pressure cast aluminum alloy housing [3]
Super measurement performance for pressure, differential pressure, level, flow measurement
Digital accuracy: +(-)0.05%
Simulation accuracy: +(-)0.75%+(-)0.1%F.S
Full performance: +(-)0.25F.S
Stability: 0.25% 60 months
Turndown ratio: 100:1
Measurement rate: 0.2S
Miniaturized (2.4kg) stainless steel flange for easy installation
The process connection is compatible with other products to achieve the best measurement
The only sensor (patented technology) using H alloy sheath in the world achieves excellent cold and thermal stability
Intelligent transmitter with 16-bit computer
Standard 4-20mA DC with digital signal based on HART protocol, remote control
Support upgrades to fieldbus and field-based control technology.
Profile Editor
The differential pressure transmitter is used to prevent the medium in the pipeline from directly entering the transmitter, and the pressure-filled membrane and the transmitter are connected by a fluid-filled capillary. It is used to measure the level, flow, and pressure of liquids, gases, or vapors, and then converts it to a 4-20 mA DC signal output. The cover for the domestic brand 3051 differential pressure transmitter.
Differential pressure transmitters are suitable for the following types of monitoring and control situations:
viscous medium at high temperature
Easy to crystallize media

Precipitating medium with solid particles or suspended solids
strongly corrosive or highly toxic media
It can eliminate the occurrence of the leakage of the pressure tube leakage surrounding the environment; can avoid the use of spacer liquid, because of the instability of the measurement signal, the need to frequently replenish the cumbersome work of the spacer fluid.
Continuously and accurately measure the interface and density
The remote transmission device can avoid cross-mixing of different mediums in time, so that the measurement result truly reflects the actual situation of the process change.
Occasionally high hygiene requirements
In the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, it is not only required that the transmitter be in contact with the media in compliance with hygienic standards, but also that it should be easy to flush.
Prevent cross-contamination of different media.

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