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integrated temperature sensor

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 OEM Flameproof integrated temperature transmitter

Flameproof integrated temperature transmitter
Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power station, light industry and other departments, and regulators, recording instruments, computers and other supporting use, composed of various measurement and control systems. According to different temperature sensors, the temperature transmitter is divided into two series: thermocouple and thermal resistance. In each series, it is divided into explosion-proof type and common type according to the different occasions, according to the different output functions. With live display and without live display. The user can select the appropriate specification and model according to the use occasion and the requirements of supporting instruments. The explosion-proof temperature transmitter passed the national-level instrumentation explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station, and can be used in explosive gas environment.
Main features edit
1. Two-wire transmission. The two conductors fed by the signal converter also transmit the output signal.
2. Output constant current signal (4 ~ 20mA). Strong anti-interference ability and good remote transmission performance.
3. The signal converter is encapsulated with epoxy resin and has the advantages of anti-vibration, anti-corrosion and anti-humidity. It can be used in places with poor conditions.
4. The thermocouple's millivolt signal is directly converted into a 4-20mA current output by the signal converter, and signals can be sent using a common cable, eliminating the need for expensive compensation wires.
5. The temperature transmitter with on-site display not only outputs the current signal of 4 ~ 20mA, but also can read the measured temperature at the scene of temperature measurement, which brings great convenience to the operator.
Main technical indicators
Supply voltage: 13 ~ 30V, DC
Load resistance:0¡«850Ω
Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA
Basic error: ±0.2%, ±0.5%
Display mode: LCD display
Ambient temperature: -20¡«70°C
Ambient temperature effect: 0.25%/10°C
Cold Junction Compensation Error: 0.5%/10°C
Explosion-proof mark: dIIBT4
Protection class: IP54
System connection editing
The general power supply voltage Vs selects 24V, the load resistance RL selects 250Ω, so when the circuit passes 4 ~ 20mA electric current, the voltage drop on RL is 1 ~ 5V. If Vs and RL use different values, the RL value cannot exceed the value calculated by the formula RL =.
Explosion-proof characteristics edit
1. Explosion-proof mark: dIIBT4
2. Use place: Can be used in an environment containing explosive gas mixture, and its explosion rating is not higher than Class IIB (including Class II Class II Class II Class B), and the autoignition temperature is not lower than T4 (including T1, T2, T3) (T4) places.

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