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oil filled pressure transmitter

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The differential pressure transmitter is used to prevent the medium in the pipeline from directly entering the transmitter, and the pressure-filled membrane and the transmitter are connected by a fluid-filled capillary. It is used to measure the level, flow and pressure of liquids, gases or vapors, and then converts it into a 4-20 mA DC signal output. The cover for the domestic brand 3051 differential pressure transmitter.
Differential pressure transmitters are suitable for the following types of monitoring and control situations:
¡ñ viscous medium at high temperature
¡ñ Easy to crystallize media
¡ñ Precipitating medium with solid particles or suspended solids
¡ñstrongly corrosive or highly toxic media
It can eliminate the occurrence of leakage of pollution from the pressure guiding pipe. It can eliminate the tedious work of using the spacer fluid frequently because of instability of the measurement signal.
¡ñ Continuously and accurately measure the interface and density
The remote transmission device can avoid cross-mixing of different mediums in time, so that the measurement result truly reflects the actual situation of the process change.
¡ñ Occasionally high hygiene requirements
In the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, it is not only required that the transmitter be in contact with the media in compliance with hygienic standards, but also that it should be easy to flush.
Prevent cross-contamination of different media.
Folding this paragraph design principle
As the name implies, the differential pressure transmitter measures the pressure difference, which is ¡÷P=ρgΔh. Since the tank is often cylindrical, the area S of its cross-section circle is constant, then, gravity G = ¡÷ P · S = ρg ¡÷ h · S, S unchanged, G and ¡÷ P is proportional to the relationship. That is, as long as the ΔP value is accurately detected, and is proportional to the height Δh, the temperature is changed. Although the volume of the oil expands or shrinks, the actual liquid level rises or falls, and the detected pressure remains unchanged. If the user needs to display the actual liquid level, media temperature compensation can also be introduced to resolve.
Fold edit this paragraph related parameters
Use object: liquid, gas and steam
Measuring range: 0~0.1kPa to 0~40MPa
Output signal: 4~20mA DC (Specially available for four-wire 220V AC power supply, 0~10mA DC output)
Power supply: 12~45V DC, usually 24V DC
Load characteristics: related to the power supply, with a load capacity at a certain supply voltage shown in Figure 2, load impedance RL and power supply voltage Vs relationship: RL ≤ 50 (Vs a 12)
Indication table: pointer linear indication 0~100% scale or LCD liquid crystal display.
Explosion-proof: Explosion-proof ExdIICT6
Range and Zero: External Continuously Adjustable
Positive and negative migration: the absolute value of the upper limit value and lower limit value of the range, measurement range after the zero point is undergoing positive or negative migration,
Do not exceed 100% of the upper limit of the measurement range. (Intelligent: Range ratio 15:1) The maximum positive migration is 500% of the minimum calibration range; the maximum negative migration is 600% of the minimum calibration range.
Temperature range: Amplifier operating temperature range: -29 ~ +93 °C (LT type: --25 ~ +70 °C).
Filling silicone oil measuring element: -40~+104°C
Flange type transmitter when filling high temperature silicone oil: -20~+315°C, ordinary silicone oil: -40~+149°C
Static pressure: 4, 10, 25, 32MPa
Humidity: 5 to 95% relative humidity
Volume suction capacity: <0.16cm
Damping (step response): When filled with silicone oil, it is generally adjustable between 0.2s and 1.67s.
Accuracy: ±0.2%
Dead zone: none (≤0.1%)
Stability: Absolute value of basic error that does not exceed the maximum range within six months (in smart year)
Vibration effect: In any axial direction, when the vibration frequency is 200Hz, the error is ±0.05%/g of the upper limit of the measurement range.
Power Influence: 0.005%/V less than output range
Load effect: If the power supply is stable, the load has no effect....

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