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pressure transducer application

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pressure sensor application

What kind of pressure is measured by a pressure sensor (pressure transmitter)?
To determine the maximum value of the measured pressure in the system, it is generally necessary to select a transmitter with a pressure range that is about 1.5 times larger than the maximum value. This is mainly because in many systems, especially in water pressure measurement and processing, there are peaks and continuous irregular up and down fluctuations. This instantaneous peak can destroy the pressure sensor.
Constantly high pressure values ​​or slightly beyond the transmitter's calibration maximum shorten the life of the sensor, which also degrades accuracy. Then a buffer can be used to reduce the pressure burr, but this will reduce the sensor's response speed. Therefore, when selecting the transmitter, it is necessary to fully consider the pressure range, accuracy, and stability.
What kind of pressure medium
Viscous liquids and mud can plug the pressure interface. Solvents or corrosive substances will not damage the materials in the transmitter that are in direct contact with these media. These factors will determine whether to select the direct isolation membrane and the material directly in contact with the medium.
How much precision the pressure sensor (pressure transmitter) requires
The accuracy of the decision, non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability, temperature, zero offset calibration, temperature effects. But mainly by non-linear, hysteresis, non-repeating, the higher the precision, the higher the price.
Pressure sensor (pressure transmitter) temperature range
Usually a transmitter will calibrate two temperature segments, one temperature zone is the normal operating temperature, and the other is the temperature compensation range. The normal operating temperature range refers to the temperature range when the transmitter is not destroyed in the working state. , may not reach its application performance index when the temperature compensation range is exceeded.
The temperature compensation range is a typical range that is smaller than the operating temperature range. In this range, the working transmitter will surely reach its proper performance. Temperature changes affect its output in two ways. One is zero drift, and the other is full-scale output. Such as: /-X%/°C of full scale, /-X%/°C of reading, /-X% of full scale when out of temperature range, /-X% of reading when within temperature compensation range, if not The parameters will lead to uncertainty in use. The DATA-52 series hydraulic transmitters use imported chip temperature compensation automatically. The degree to which the transmitter output changes is caused by pressure changes or temperature changes. Temperature effects are the most complicated part of understanding how to use the transmitter.


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